Wiz Khalifa Responds – “Says Popcaan Gave Drake Neck” (Red Bull Culture Clash 2016)


While Popcaan got annihilated by Wiz Khalifa in their Culture Clash / mini-soundclash, it could actually turn out to be a major win for dancehall reggae. Many have said that dancehall is dying, but if the soundclash culture of dancehall takes off in hip-hop, it could be the shot in the arm that dancehall needed all along.

Imagine if hip-hop fans got turned on to the soundclash culture the way dancehall fans are. It would mean a great deal for not only dancehall but reggae also. Hip-hop DJs would seek dubplates not only from hip-hop artists but also from artists in the reggae dancehall genres. This could introduce dancehall artists to an entire new fan base, the kind of exposure that would allow them to reap tremendous financial benefit.

While the clash between Popcaan and Wiz Khalifa was entertaining, it was embarrassing to see a Jamaican who lives in that type of culture actually lose to an American rapper.

When it was time to play dubs, Popcaan played a drop from Drake instead and then went on to play a Drake record. Wiz Khalifa wasted no time in pointing out that a drop and a dub are two different things. He then referred to Popcaan as pop tart while telling Popcaan that he gave Drake a hand job for the drop. Wiz then showed Popcaan what a real dub is as he easily won the clash with a dub called “Kill them boys.”

All in all, it was a very entertaining segment; embarrassing for Popcaan but great for dancehall reggae.





In this episode of GGN, artist Raven Felix comes through to chop it up with Nemo Hoes about her music career, coming from the Valley and more. Also Sexy Storm gives us the weather report, only on this episode of Double-G-News u-bitch-u!

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Raven Felix – 6 In The Morning ft. Snoop Dogg (audio/visual)

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As her buzz continues to build with the release of her mixtape “Valifornia” fast approaching, 18 year old Raven Felix links up with Snoop Dogg and drops an Audio/Visual for their collabo “6 In The Morning”. The San Fernando Valley native’s tape features appearances from Snoop Dogg, Chevy Woods, Tha Joker, Jonny Goood and more, as well as production from Tekneek, Big Jerm and E. Dan of ID Labs and more. “6 In The Morning” was produced by Tekneek. Official Video coming soon!

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Raven felix “valifornia ” bishop devilles choice for “baddest bitch on da block”

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Raven Felix – “Valifornia” (Official Video)

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