Joanna Galis-Menendez -MIAMI HEAT

JONI2 Joanna Galis-Menendez is a fresh face from Miami that has landed a juicy plum role in Miami InternatIonal Film Festival’s world premiering ?lm “EENIE MEENIE MINEY MOE”. While so many actors are hunting for their big break for so many years, Joanna Galis-Menedez did the near impossible. She nailed the part in her first ever audition. Joanna was tasked with playing the provocative role of “Monique”, 15 year old girl gone wild in a morbid love affair with a club owner drug addict. Her brave and fearless yet wounded portrayal is a break out performance that is sure to get her noticed in the world of cinema. JONI7 JONI4

Q – What drew you to this material and to Play Monique?

A –  I loved her character because she is so different from who I am in my everyday life. Also growing up in Miami everyone knows a Monique. A young girl trying to find validation by forcing her way into the scene.

Q – Is Monique the type of  character that you would know in Miami ?

A – Absolutely. I know a 100 of them. Girls that don’t feel they fit in at home or anywhere else and are just craving to be a part of the glamorous south beach lifestyle at whatever cost.

Q – Who was your favorite Character in Eenie Meenie Miney Moe?

A – Vlad. Hands down. Such a unique and hilarious character. Definitely the most entertaining to watch filming.

Q – What are your favorite type of  movies?

A – That’s a difficult question. I am such a movie lover in general so I’m not sure I have one specific favorite. In other words if it’s a truly well written and executed film I love it, regardless of genre.

Q – Is there any genre you’re really looking forward to do?

A – Yes! I want to be in a horror film. I am such a chicken that most times I can’t even watch horror movies. Being in one would completely push me out of my comfort zone.

Q – Why would you recommend this movie to average movie goer?

A – It’s relatable. So many times an audience watches a film and can’t get into it because its so far from their reality. This movie is our reality. It’s a testament to our generation. It’s also the ultimate date night film. There’s so much in the film for both men and women to enjoy.Sex, drugs, house music and drama…so much drama.

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