29-year-old Dollicia Bryan has made quite the name for herself in the entertainment industry. The Portland, OR., born model and actress has appeared in feature films like “See Dick Run,” music videos from artists such as Chris Brown, Diddy, and Fabolous, and magazines including Show and XXL.

Dollicia’s beautiful face combined with a killer body

George Zimmerman celebrity boxing match confirmed, as rapper The Game offers to fight him: ‘I would take pleasure in it’


Damon Feldman, the promoter organizing the bout with the star, has confirmed that the fight will take place on 1 March

Damon Feldman, the promoter organising the bout with the star, has confirmed that the fight will take place on 1 March, and that Zimmerman, who is, according to TMZ ‘open to fighting anyone… Even black people’, will donate any earnings he makes from the bout to charity.

George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty Of Trayvon Martin

Feldman is yet to find an opponent, but said he wasn’t looking to promote the event as “a race thing”.

“We haven’t discussed purple, yellow, white, black,” he added.

But one rapper of African-American decent, who has a tattoo of Zimmerman’s victim Martin on his leg, has offered to step into the ring.

“I would not be boxing for me,” The Game told TMZ.  “I’d be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family.”

Florida Police Chief Agrees: ‘Zimmerman Is Sandy Hook Waiting To Happen’

“I would box him to knock him out.

“I would definitely take pleasure in it.  It’s legal, and I want to show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon.”

Standing at a towering 6’5” and weighing in at 240lbs, the Game would certainly present a challenge.

Zimmerman Charged Over Pointing Gun At His Girlfriend

Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges levied against him, after he fatally shot unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin during a fight in February 2012 inside a gated community in Sanford. The 30-year-old Hispanic man claimed that he had killed Martin with a weapon in an act of self-defence.

Zimmerman remained without charge for 44 days after the shooting occurred, which led to nationwide protests and sparked furious debate over racial profiling and the right to use weapons in self-defence. Further demonstrations broke out after Zimmerman was acquitted in 2013.

Federal authorities are currently reviewing the entire case to decide whether Martin’s civil rights were violated.

YG already has a solid body of work under his belt, with several mixtapes, but now he’s ready to compete in the major league.

Will My Krazy Life Bring YG Mainstream Success? Compton Rapper Looks Ahead

YG is putting the final touches on his Def Jam debut My Krazy Life, and he’s ready to step out of the underground.YG is still putting the finishing touches on his debut album My Krazy Life, so he definitely wasn’t thrilled when his collaboration with Drake leaked months early. No sweat though, because the Compton rapper says that it’s only setting him up to make waves with a mainstream audience in March.

“Who Do You Love,” with production from DJ Mustard, leaked back in December featuring a prized guest verse from Drizzy. “I was hot when the record leaked,” YG told MTV News on the set of his video for “My N—a (remix),” Monday night. “I was real hot, because that was supposed to come out right, but it don’t matter though. The record’s picking up and everybody’s loving the record, so it’s still a win.”

YG’s New Album Will Put Him On Level With ‘Other Mainstream Artists’

The 23-year-old explained that he had multiple conversations with the YMCMB rapper about working together before it finally came to fruition. “I’ve been running into Drake for some years and every time I run into him he tells me that he likes what I do, and he wanna work [together], so the time came.”

“I sent him a beat, he liked the beat, said ‘this the one, I’ma hop on,’ so he hopped on it and we’re about to shoot that video too,” he added. “We were going back and forth on the phone about the record, then he sent the verse back. That’s how it goes most of the time nowadays because everybody be on the road doing their thing.”

Though he wouldn’t reveal what he has in store for that video, he confirmed that his album is near completion, with a March 18 release date firmly locked in.

“It’s like 90 percent done. We’re going in and just tweaking stuff,” he said. “I feel like I wanna put another record on there right now. We’re in the fourth quarter, [with] a minute and seconds to go — we’re up though, by like 10, and I might put 10 more on the board with one minute and 30 seconds left.”

YG already has a solid body of work under his belt, with several mixtapes, but now he’s ready to compete in the major league.

“It’s gonna put me on that level with all the other mainstream artists,” he said. “I’ve been considered an underground artist because I’ve been doing mixtapes and indie tours on my own, but this is gonna put me [in the] mainstream because the record label is gonna come in. They’re gonna put all the money behind me. All that branding will take it to another level.”

Macklemore’s apology for win over fellow rapper raises race issue


Macklemore’s “apology” to a fellow rapper may have been more surprising than his winning the Grammy for best rap album.


After winning four awards Sunday at the 56th Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, Seattle rapper Ben Haggerty — who goes by the handle Mackle­more — posted an “apology” to fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar on the photo-sharing site Instagram. He wrote, “You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have.”

Macklemore was referring to his award for best rap album, for “The Heist,” a win that came as a shock to rap insiders, since the competition included favorite Lamar and Kanye West, one of the most famous and accomplished rappers alive.

One might say the apology was even more surprising than the win, especially given the (continuing) firestorm it ignited on social media.

But for those who follow American popular music, it was more like déjà vu. Sixty years ago, jazz pianist Dave Brubeck apologized to Duke Ellington for getting on the cover of Time magazine before Ellington.

“I was so hoping that they would do Duke first, because I idolized him,” Brubeck told a reporter. ”He was so much more important than I was.”

In Brubeck’s case, the embarrassment came in part from his admiration for an elder. But the subtext, as with Macklemore, was also race. Brubeck, like Macklemore, was white; Ellington, like Lamar, black.

Thanks to slavery, racism and segregation, America has an ugly cultural history that has resulted in a succession of travesties. The first jazz record, for example, was made by a white group (Original Dixieland Jazz Band, 1917).

White musicians historically have earned 10-fold to a 100-fold what black musicians do, playing the same music — “Stan Getz the money,” black tenor saxophonist Lester Young once quipped about his successful white stylistic heir. And Elvis Presley, not to mention the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, made millions playing music “borrowed” from black culture.

Even in our more enlightened, post-Motown era, when black musicians from Smokey Robinson to West also can and do make millions, the paradigm persists. Black innovation; white imitation; white wealth; black anger; white guilt.

In his brilliant analysis of minstrelsy, social historian Eric Lott has dubbed this paradigm “Love and Theft,” which unpacks the curious fascination — and envy — white people have had from the start with black culture.

Macklemore was operating squarely in this paradigm, one that should be familiar and comprehensible to all Americans, even if they haven’t thought about it.

What they likely haven’t thought about is who and how and why people vote in the Grammys, which are presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

To be a voting member, you must have participated — as an artist, engineer, producer, writer of liner notes, etc. — in making a recording. The folks who vote in the Grammys are part of a trade organization meant to honor not only artistic excellence, but also craftsmanship — and, yes, success.

That’s why, every year, millions of fans shake their heads, wondering, “Why didn’t my favorite cool, new band win a Grammy? They’re so much better!”

And the reason for that — other than in the “best new artist” category, which Mackle­more handily won — is that the Grammys are not about your favorite cool, new band no one has ever heard of. They are about excellence, craft and success.

That said, Grammy voters also tend to behave like investors — they flock to a perceived winner. Which probably explains Mackle­more’s wins in three rap categories — best song and best performance (for “Thrift Shop”) and best album.

Does he owe anyone an apology? Maybe. Maybe not.

But one thing for sure, it’s nothing new





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Police Shut Down Rapper Meek Mill’s Crazy $200k Grammy After-Party In Hollywood Hills That Included A Camel And A Lion

Left to right:  Meek Mill with Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow and Nelly at Mill’s Grammys after-party in Los Angeles Sunday night.

Left to right: Meek Mill with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow and Nelly at Mill’s Grammys after-party in Los Angeles Sunday night.




Party animals! Meek Mill‘s fiesta following the Grammys was so over the top cops shut it down, reports TMZ.

The Hollywood Hills after-party was reportedly attended by more than a thousand celebrities, and even a real-life camel and lion.

Diddy  and James 'Cocaine 80s' Fauntleroy II attend Meek Mill’s Grammys after-party Sunday night.

Diddy and James ‘Cocaine 80s’ Fauntleroy II attend Meek Mill’s Grammys after-party Sunday night.

Mill’s outlandish celebration took place at a mansion on Mulholland Drive, which the rapper rented for the occasion. Some of the celebs that were said to be in attendance were Diddy, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Birdman, Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, and Bow Wow.

Singer Keyshia Cole (left) was also in attendance.

Singer Keyshia Cole (left) was also in attendance.

The shindig was reportedly bumping all night long into the wee hours of the morning when police got involved.

Meek Mill (center) saw his party shut down by cops after the group partied until 5 a.m. Monday morning.

Meek Mill (center) saw his party shut down by cops after the group partied until 5 a.m. Monday morning.


Talented teen rapper known as Dynamikk stabbed to death during suspected gang attack

Aspiring musician Isaac Stone was found lying injured on the ground after an attack in Bedford

Tragic: Isaac Stone - who performed under the name Dynamikk - was stabbed to death during a suspected gang attack
Tragic: Isaac Stone – who performed under the name Dynamikk – was stabbed to death during a suspected gang attack

A talented teenage rapper has been stabbed to death during a suspected gang attack.

Tributes have been flooding in today to the 19-year-old victim, named locally as aspiring musician Isaac Stone.

Police are holding a 20-year-old man on suspicion of murder but believe more people may have been involved during Saturday night’s attack.

They say several people were seen fleeing the scene of the fatal attack in Bedford at around 6pm.

Talented Isaac was found lying injured on the ground and died soon after.

Detective Chief Inspector Jerome Kent said: “We have launched a murder investigation and a team of detectives are now piecing together what happened in the moments leading up to last night’s incident.

“A number of people were seen running from the scene who may have been involved. “We will trace and identify those persons who I can only assume were involved in the assault.

“If you were one of the people who were not involved but witnessed the assault we need you to come forward and tell us what you were doing there.”

Isaac, who performed under the name Dynamikk, posted a series of videos on YouTube showcasing his talent.

Friends and family took to Twitter to pay tribute to the young musician. Jazzie Lowell said: “I cant explain what im feeling right now Rest In Paradise cousin issac you may be gone but never forgotten god takes the hardest soldiers.”

Megan Craddock said: “Can’t believe what I’ve heard, life’s way to short man. Such a sick world we live in. Thoughts go out to all friends & family. Rip Isaac.”

AyoMariamm said: “Na my hearts heavy right now, how can such a good hearted person go like this. Man was always smiling rip Isaac”.