Trinidad James $20,000 NYC robbery rumors: Rapper slams rumors and denies robbery

Trinidad James Denies NYC Robbery
(Photo : Facebook/Trinidad James )

Rapper Trinidad James is denying rumors that he was robbed and stripped of his jewelry, gold teeth, and clothing in New York City. The rapper tweeted, “Of course Y’all gone keep making s-t up. Y’all n*ggas can’t make no money. Sh*t y’all n*ggas can’t even make a difference. So I get it now. Focus on your Goals and the people who wanna see you win. F**ck everybody who don’t believe in you.”Rapper Trinidad James allegedly was robbed in New York City for his “Atlanta runs Ne York” comments. According to Creambmp, a vendor witnessed the rapper horrible experience and claims the rapper’s “chains, watch, shades; Gone!’ The source added, “There was nothing left but hair, teeth and the phone he dialed 911 on”.The site claims the rapper was also stripped of his clothes, and the robbers sped off in their vehicle with over $20,000 in clothes and jewelry. “I remember when New York rap was the s***…Now, we run y’all…Every n**** that’s really poppin’ out of New York, he might as well tell you he’s from Atlanta.”The rapper was attacked on social media whicha e said was taken ut of cotext in an interview with XXL magazine:”In general, I have no beef with New York. I would never disrespect New York. New York is the place that showed me the most love more than any other state when I first started doing music. I did the biggest show of my life in Atlanta, then right after that I did the biggest show of my life in New York…I would be a f–k nigga to disrespect New York. I get what everyone is talking about now. I looked at people’s comments, and of course some people were saying the normal bulls–t about Trinidad James: He’s ugly and he’s a one-hit wonder. People tend to forget the one main thing about any artist – [and it goes for] an artist with one hit or an artist with 30 hits – is that we’re all human. When I say that, I’m not retracting any statement or copying a plea or asking forgiveness. The same thing that I said in front of every New Yorker that was in front of me is the same conversation that is happening in barbershops and the same conversation that other artists are talking about. It’s just it sucks to come from a nigga like myself. If it was anybody else saying those things, it would be A-OK. But because it’s me saying it, that’s where the whole problem resides in. At the end of the day, I get it for what it is. But I can’t apologize for the truth.”

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The Game ‘Twerk Off’ results in crazy girl fight [VIDEO]: Rapper’s birthday party at Supperclub turns violent during bloody street braw

The Game ‘Twerk Off’ results in crazy girl fight [VIDEO]: Rapper’s birthday party at Supperclub turns violent during bloody street braw

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if you made it out to ricks birthday bash at acid nightclub  you enjoyed one hell of a party ,yo boy dub hosted the star studded event dj real smooth on the ones and twos ,moo moo rocked ,relentless,liz(bounce),d-lo(no hoe)lee majors and the legendary dru down ..drinks were on point and the glow theme was perfect creating what i saw as a lets party feel all in all 10 out of 10 stars  DSC09215 DSC09222 DSC09231 DSC09241 DSC09252 DSC09256 DSC09259DSC09220 DSC09197



Mistah F.A.B. dropped his latest mixtape, “Hella Ratchet,” in late August of this year.  The North Oakland rapper, who has been signed to Mac Dre’s label, Thizz Entertainment, and Atlantic Records, definitely came through with that notorious Bay Area sound that characterizes many of the biggest names F.A.B. has worked with and gained influence from.  The tape touched upon a pretty good variety of classic, as well as more recent, West Coast sounds including hyphy, club, trap, and EDM vibes.  With a handful of hot tracks and dope collaborations, I would say this mixtape came out pretty solid.


When listening to this tape, the first thing that caught my attention was the production.  Most of the beats were hot and definitely something to get hype to, which is really the vibe F.A.B. should focus on with his particular subject matter.  However, some of the beats were pretty dull and too straightforward.  I really consider this mixtape to be a party project, and unfortunately, some of the songs start to sound like a house party dying down at the end of the night.  In such an instance, you want the DJ to keep things moving, otherwise everyone’s going to leave!  In my opinion, a few of the songs in the second half of the tape would have popped if he had just chose better production.  On the other hand, I think there are some tracks where it gets a little too loud.  There are 3-4 tracks where the bass is so loud that the entire track is peaking.  I’m not sure if it’s just an issue with my speakers (and I have some pretty nice studio monitors), but either way, F.A.B. should take into consideration that his average listener doesn’t have legit subs to listen to his mixtape on.  The track, “Another Bitch,” was dope, however was very low quality.  It sounded like the engineer didn’t spend much time mixing down everything and, on top of that, did not master it at all.  For someone signed to Mac Dre’s label, I would have expected him to be in touch with more top-quality producers and studio engineers.


I thought all the people who collaborated on this mixtape were great.  If there’s one thing I hate when listening to a mixtape, it is when an artist picks shitty collabs.  F.A.B. was sure to bring in some hot names like Too Short, Keek da Sneak, Andre Nickatina, and many others.  I usually don’t like tapes that have features in all the songs, but it worked well for this one.  One suggestion I have, though, is to make sure the collaborating artist flows on the beat smoothly.  Take Keek’s verses for instance.  His flow is very specific and is going to sound odd if you snap his chill verse in-between someone else’s hyped up verse.  Also, I did not really understand why “No Pussy” is included on the mixtape.  It is already an hour long, so why try to squeeze in an extra track that you aren’t even featured in?  Not only that, but it is the last song.  Usually an artist makes sure the last song leaves an impression on the listener that makes people want to hear more.


The mixtape’s content remains pretty constant and simple, which is okay.  However, by the time we reach the second half of the tape, it starts to sound a little too repetitive.  I understand hooks are supposed to be catchy and straightforward, but that doesn’t necessarily mean repeat the same couple words 4-8 times in every single song.  I think part of this problem has to do with the length of the tape.  It was about an hour long.  Realistically, you cannot expect most listeners to sit through the entire tape, top to bottom.  It also does not help that F.A.B. organized the tape in such a way that the best tracks are first and the others are last.  The mixtape starts off great, but eventually, the momentum plateaus and I lost interest.


Overall, “Hella Ratchet” was a cool mixtape.  Most of the production was great, but some tracks could use a little tweaking around and some better mastering.  All of the collaborations were on point, although some artists did not flow together as smoothly as they could have, had they been on a different track.  As a whole, it is clear that there was no real concept or direction, but I’m sure compilations like this appeal to many listeners and fans.  For me, on the other hand, it got a little tedious to listen to.  I had to listen to the whole thing so I could finish up this review, but in reality, when the average listener starts to get bored, they will just hit “next.”

World renowned spiritual teacher, psychic icon, author, and lecturer Sylvia Celeste Browne passed away .

World famous psychic Sylvia Browne — who appeared on all sorts of TV shows including “Montel” “Larry King Live” and “Unsolved Mysteries” — has passed away .. has learned.
Browne specialized in psychic detective work — helping out on various high profile missing person investigations. 
Browne’s son, Chris, tells… Sylvia passed away this morning in San Jose, surrounded by family and friends.  She was 77.
Browne most recently took heat after famously announcing that Amanda Berry had died after she went missing in 2003 … because, as we all know now, she wasn’t dead.  Sylvia chalked up the misinformation as a simple mistake.

Imageat 7:10am this morning (Wednesday, November 20) at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, CA. Born October 19, 1936, Browne was 77 years old. For nearly six decades, Sylvia Browne dedicated her life to helping others as a spiritual guide through private readings, past-life regressions and prayer groups that spanned the globe. Having been called upon to assist individuals, families, and law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and Canada on criminal investigations, she worked tirelessly as an advocate for justice, receiving several commendations for the positive impact her contributions provided. Browne grew up in Kansas City, MO where her spiritual psychic ability began to manifest at the age of three. For many years she shared her gift with friends and family, gaining a reputation for accuracy with her trademark down-to-earth approach and sense of humor and became very well known for helping people even before moving to California in 1964. In 1974, she founded The Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research, a nonprofit organization helping thousands of people gain control of their lives, live more happily, understand the meaning of life, and to find God in their own unique way. In 1986, she formed the nonprofit organization, Society of Novus Spiritus (New Spirit) to promote a community of people who are dedicated to living a spiritual life based on its Gnostic Christian philosophy. Browne’s certainty in the existence of reincarnation remained a central theme in her philosophy and she believed it held the key to understanding life, though never imposing her values upon anyone. Often, she had been quoted as saying, “Take with you what you want and leave the rest behind.” A best-selling author, Browne published over 50 works throughout her life with 22 appearing on the New York Times Bestsellers List. She was also a frequent guest on radio and television shows including Larry King Live and The Montel Williams Show, where Browne’s appearances quickly became a popular weekly highlight among regular viewers for over 17 years. “A beacon that shined for so many was extinguished today, but its brightness was relit and will now shine forever for many of us from above,” said Williams. “I, like so many of you, lost a friend today. But, as has been for the last twenty years, she’ll always remain a part of me. My thoughts and prayers go out to Sylvia’s family in this time of loss.” Browne is survived by her husband Michael Ulery, sons Christopher and Paul Dufresne, three grandchildren, Angelia, Jeffrey, and William; and her sister Sharon Bortolussi. A private memorial service is to be scheduled.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Ol’ Dirty Bastard Screening Blocked By Rapper’s Widow


A special New York screening of an upcoming documentary about Ol’ Dirty Bastard had to be scrapped on Friday (15Nov13) after executors of the late rapper’s estate issued a legal notice banning the event from going ahead.

Dirty: Platinum Edition, which was shot by the star’s cousin, Stephon Turner, was set to be shown at the Brooklyn Historic Academy of Music and guests, including fans and his Wu-Tang Clan bandmates Cappadonna and Masta Killa, flocked to attend the inaugural NuHo Film Festival bash.

However, moments before the film was due to be unveiled, organiser Chris Kanik revealed to the crowd that he had just been served with a cease and desist order, preventing the documentary from airing, reports

The notice was sent to Kanik by a lawyer representing Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s estate, which is controlled by his widow, Icelene Jones.

The movie features exclusive footage and interviews with all of the late star’s Wu-Tang Clan crewmembers and the screening had been expected to include a hologram of the rapper, which would have answered questions from the audience.

It’s the second time Jones has blocked the use of her husband’s likeness being used in public – she also prevented a planned hologram of Ol’ Dirty Bastard from gracing the stage with Wu-Tang Clan at America’s touring Rock the Bells festival earlier this year (13).

Ol’ Dirty Bastard passed away in 2004 from a drug overdose.

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Disses Talk Show Queen Oprah Winfrey, Calls Her An ‘Ugly B*tch’

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Disses Talk Show Queen Oprah Winfrey, Calls Her An ‘Ugly B*tch’ — And The Vile Slur Is Caught On Camera!

Talk Show Queen Oprah Winfrey Slammed Vile Comment Rapper Waka Flocka Flame

Nobody dare diss the queen of daytime talk shows, Oprah Winfrey.

But that’s exactly what rapper Waka Flocka Flame did in video footage obtained exclusively by

The 27-year-old Southern hip hop artist will cause outrage today after it’s exposed that he made the disgusting and cruel slurs in a shocking diss at Winfrey, 59.

The sickening cell phone video was shot up to three years ago at a downtown Chicago hotel at McCormick Place, the hometown of the billionaire media icon.

On the tape, the obscene rapper — along with members of his entourage – make a series of swipes at Winfrey.

“She’s got a million dollar p*ssy,” one individual said in the 22-second clip, which you can watch below.

Waka — aka Juaquin Malphurs – then responded with the offensive low blow: “I won’t f**k that ugly b*tch!”


But a pal of Waka’s appeared to feel differently, suggesting: “I’ll f**k the sh*t outta Oprah! I’ll get her pregnant!”

“Waka and some of his crew members were having a random conversation about what celebrities they would like to have sex with and Oprah came up,” a source who was inside the room explained to Radar.

“The whole conversation was inappropriate.”Waka did not return a request for comment.

The footage is distasteful to say the least. Should Waka apologize for his jaw-dropping statement?

see video here