Rick ross gets shot at

Los Angeles (CNN) — “Teflon Don” rapper Rick Ross crashed his silver Rolls Royce into an apartment building after he heard gunfire along a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, street Monday morning, police said.ImageImage

“The driver of the Rolls Royce attempted to drive away from the direction of the shots being fired and lost control of the vehicle, striking a nearby apartment building,” Fort Lauderdale Police Detective DeAnna Garcia said.

Ross and a female passenger were not hurt by the wreck or the gunshots, Garcia said.

“The suspects fled from the area prior to police arrival,” she said.

The incident, however, called attention to threats against the artist’s life made in a street gang’s videos and posted online in recent months.

“We’re pulling up on you,” a man who identified himself as a member of the Gangster Disciples warned in one of the videos. “Whatever city, whatever state, the pressure on.”

Several videos purporting to be from Gangster Disciple members in several states — including Georgia, North Carolina and Florida — appeared on YouTube late last year demanding that Ross pay a fee to them for his use of the Star of David, which they claim as a gang symbol, and a reference to one of their founders in his music and marketing.

“You got to cut the check,” one video said. “Tell your boss man he got to get that check, or all you in trouble.”

“We need that cash right now,” another said.

Ross, 37, whose albums include “Teflon Don” in 2010 and “Deeper Than Rap” a year earlier, told south Florida radio station 99 Jamz last month that he was not intimidated by the threats.

“Ain’t never no checks getting cut,” he said. “I don’t play those games. I consider that extortion.”

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Ross did cancel his North Carolina shows last month just days after a video appeared online threatening his life if he performed there.

“Never was it due to any threats,” he told the radio station. Instead, he canceled because “the promoter wasn’t really handling his business.”

Ross wanted to make certain that listeners understood he was not frightened. “Don’t ever get it twisted, Ricky Ross is the boss,” he said.

The death threats are not the only challenge to Ross. A former drug lord and gang leader is suing in a Los Angeles court, accusing him of stealing his name and reputation.

“The reality is I want justice done,” the original Ross wrote in an e-mail to CNN. “I know that he took his name and image from my life and believe he is unfairly profiting off my story.”

Ricky “Freeway” Ross was serving a prison sentence a decade ago when rapper William Roberts, who previously worked as a Florida correctional officer, adopted “Rick Ross” as his stage name, according to the lawsuit.

“This rapper and his labels clearly knew of my name and story, and have tried to suck out the lifeblood without license,” the former drug lord said. “I have my own use for my intellectual property and did not need this confusion created.”

More recently, the rapper has been using the name “Ricky Rozay.”

The rapper and his record label have not responded to CNN’s request for comment.

Despite the death threats and legal issues, his music is doing well. Ross is nominated for a best rap album Grammy for his latest release, “God Forgives, I Don’t.”

by bishop deville

by bishop deville

jonn hart go’s national

If you’ve listened to local urban radio stations such as 106.1 KMEL in the past four months then you’ve probably heard Jonn Hart’s “Who Booty” on heavy rotation. The song personifies what the Oakland singer calls “R&Bay Slap,” combining the hard, car-trunk-rattling bass “slaps” of local rap with the winsome melodies of contemporary R&B. More importantly, it makes him the first local R&B star to go national since Keyshia Cole in the mid-2000s.

Before “Who Booty,” Hart was originally a member of the R&B boy band Tha Outfit, which scored a few popular online tracks such as “Like My Bass” before splitting in early 2012. Going solo, he quickly landed a deal with Epic Records. His debut single “Who Booty” quickly became a regional smash before cracking the national top 40 pop charts this month.

With a feathery voice and seductive-up delivery, he’s clearly a vocalist in the Trey Songz tradition, but the undeniably localized flavor of “Who Booty” makes it more than just another sex-in-the-club jam. The original version includes a verse from rising Bay Area rap star Iamsu, while two remixes feature New York rapper French Montana and Vallejo legend E-40, respectively.

This month, Jonn Hart has been dropping songs in advance of his mixtape Heart 2 Hart, which is scheduled to drop on Valentine’s Day. The latest, “Get It Girl,” features L.A. rapper Problem and is streaming on SoundCloud.

Has Rapper Eminem Really Become a Born-Again Christian?



Has Rapper Eminem Really Become a Born-Again Christian?


Has Rapper Eminem Really Become a Born Again Christian?

Reports are circulating that rapper Eminem has become a born-again Christian (Photo Credit: AP)

Rapper Eminem is known for his edgy music, which generally includes explicit lyrics and controversial themes. That’s why last week’s media report alleging that the performer has become a born-again Christian sparked so much interest.

While it was enticing for many to pounce on the idea that the formerly-troubled star would have a “come to Jesus” moment, the entire notion of an intense spiritual transformation is based on an unnamed source who was cited on the web site AllHipHop.com.

“I heard a doozie recently and I’m not sure that I can believe that its completely true,” the article announcing the rumor about the purported conversion read. “On the flip, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was. Eminem has been evolving a lot over the last few years. We’ve seen it. Maturity. Sobriety.”

The rumor, based on a source from Detroit, Mich., claims that the rapper is removing himself “further from the depths of the music industry.” This action, which has purportedly had an impact on his business ties and the acts he works with, is allegedly predicated upon the conversion to Christianity in which the rapper is said to have turned his life over to God.

This story wasn’t only reported on the hip hop blog, though. Other outlets like The Christian Post and the blog and opinion section of The Huffington Post also explored the alleged faith transformation. Following the story’s circulation, TheBlaze decided to investigate the shocking claim. We made several calls and sent e-mails to an Interscope Records representative who work with “Slim Shady” (one of the rapper’s stage names).