be careful who you f*@$

my daily advice for the ladies :watch out for the sour motherfucker in life.what i mean by this is there’s gonna be that one guy that tells you you aint worth shit, you’ll never be shit and expect you to worship the ground he walks on …but that’s not all there’s also that guy that does the complete opposite and has nothing to offer you.somewhere in between is your knight in aluminum armor …i s

ay this because all that shines isn’t gold…i love cliches.want a real basket case?date guy who still lives with his momma and mooches off her “famous movie reference.can you guess which one ?”so as simple as i can put it be careful who you fuck because they might end up fucking you ……real spit Bishop Deville

get the truth here

daily advice for the ladies :when it comes down to the come down.handle it in a proper fashion ..never dwell to much on obligations such as “oh .i cant because my home girl is with me” do you !as i know some of you ladies will agree, and many more will disagree let me be clear.for those who disagree “oh fuck that i never leave my home girl”i say this .unless its a situation where there’s some type of confrontation with other females , or your her ride .i hate that rule ..i wish i had a half a cent for every time i or friends of mine have been derailed from a possible night of passion and ecstasy because of this.after all that is why we have children, to be responsible for them.why be responsible for your friends too? so i say when possible live in the moment…for those who agree and are thinking back to how that guy went down on you and beat that pussy up and now trying to cover the hickeys …i salute you….for you have traversed two evil stereotypes#1 the fact that the haters say that’s being a hoe.#2 that the world is gonna end and your gonna be committing a sin if you leave your home girl without company for one night ..***side note ***i am not saying ditch your home girl …real spit Bishop Deville

school was great ….wish other stuff was too

school was dope ….positive vibes …shit wish i could make Norma happy …..ive come to the conclusion that is never gonna happen… i reserve my energy to positive things like my children …school …all these shows going on   … staying my ass out of jail….etc etc ….well i don’t want to over blog .,..  so ill leave you with a rap….

my job is is to keeps my peoples served on the block …
and watch my back when the task force is checking out my spot.
little did you know this is my life on a daily basis.
see reflections in the mirror thinking damn i need a face lift ….
so hard to leave the life like your bitch on the side.
i love the extra credit twenty’s nickels and dimes.
this rap shit my diary so i always stay real.
another day another dollar …mr Bishop Deville

Philthy Rich in depth interview by Bishop Deville

During the past four years Philthy Rich has really made a name for his own in the underground Bay Area music scene Philthy Rich is one of the hardest working unsigned artist and has a great buzz going on his own Philthy Rich has performed in many places in and outside Bay Area Philthy Rich has also been on tour several times and in front of crowds all 1000-3000 Philthy Rich has done countless shows and has worked with many upcoming and famous artists in the Bay Area as Keak Da Sneak San Quinn, Too $ hort E-40 criminals, Team Mob Figaz Dem Hood Starz Bully’s Wit is fully Yukmouth Mistah FAB and many more Philthy Rich gave his namProduced with CyberLink PowerDirector 10

“forget what you heard ” the true hip hop chronicles

As i think about putting together what has been a major part of the last two years of my life im like damnnnnn.from a dude in the crowd to many major rap artist knowing me personally now the game has been good to me  …trust me this is not an expose or an attempt to capture a definition of hip hop ….simply what i recorded when i was in places the “average Joe “is not permitted..welcome to the world of bishop deville ….and just for a little while ….. “forget what you heard” ……






could it be that lovely ?

once upon a time in my heart there stood an entity that was clad in golden pain.heartache and destiny never took presidence over a virtuous cowboy like me …haaaa….what is it that drives us to push so hard ?what is it that pisses us off when we realize this life isnt a fair deal?more than that consider what we succomb to on a daily basis…work work work …at least you do… work is being done in a more subltle form ….obscene gestures ,shady deals ///not that im shady but the deals are ….i suppose any deal not done within the righteousness of the law can be shady…right?i often ponder to myself …i should be greatful ?yes…then i wonder why are there rulaes and how and why they should not aply to me for i am some special being …conceited?no…far from that…ill leave you with this …

as man says “an eye for an eye” literally i abide by this golden one and  hope kharma has my back ….  then i gaze upon this summer sky ..see lightning with no rain…and think…man!rain on me man !the invitation is open and the trap is set ….ill take what i get as long as my kids dont get wet…….